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Here you can find all of the latest news from the Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club.

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MWSSC Championship Show - Satuarday 30th October 2017.
MWSSC Championship show results are now available.
BiS line up, BD line up & BB line up and class winners photo's shown
Click here.
Posted: 30th October 2017
MWSSC Open show - Saturday 29th July 2017
MWSSC Open Show results how available.
Saturday 29th July 2017. Click here.
Posted: 1st August 2017
Members correspondence via email
Club members are now able to receive Club show schedules & entry forms via email as well as our Club magazine.
Should you be willing to receive Club correspondence by email please click here & print the authority flier off, complete the instructions & forward to our Show secretary, Margaret Waugh by post or scan & email. Click here.
Posted: 14th April 2017
MWSSC Open Show March 2017
MWSSC Open Show results & exhibitors how available.
Sunday 5th March 2017.
Click here.
Posted: 7th March 2017
Judges list criteria check list
The MWSSC have now available a judges criteria check list to assist those wishing to be added to our judges list. Click here.
Posted: 20th February 2017
MWSSC October 2016 Championship show.
The results for MWSSC Championship 2016 show are now on the club site. Click here.
Posted: 2nd October 2016
Would you like a copy of the 'MWSSC - The Shetland Sheepdog Illustrated Breed Standard' booklet?
MWSSC - The Shetland Sheepdog Illustrated Breed StandardNow available from The Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club - 'The Shetland Sheepdog Illustrated Breed Standard'.
Available for £4.50 per copy (plus packaging & postage - UK £2.70, EU £4.50, ROW £5.50). Please contact Margaret Dobson or Ray Grice to order your copy.
You can now also pay by 'PayPal' via the Club Secretary (
Posted: 30th July 2016
MWSSC Open Show July 2016
MWSSC Open Show results how available.
Sunday 25th July 2016. Click here.
Posted: 25th July 2016
MWSSC Judges List Criteria - Breed Specialist & Non Breed Specialists update
The MWSSC committee have carried out a review of the Judges List Criteria for Breed Specialist & Non Breed Specialists with immediate update.
Those wishing to be considered for the clubs judges lists or moved from one list to another please contact the Club secretary. Click here.
Posted: 4th July 2016
Recent information on Research and Tests for PRA.
The reason why we recommend the Norwegian test is that the research-team has worked with the blood tests for years now. It was difficult to find the mutation on the right gene, and they know exactly where to look for the 100% right test result.
The English form for the mutation found for PRA in Shetland Sheepdogs is now available at the Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club's website:
Click here.
Posted: 30th December 2015
Dermatomyositis Latest up date - November 2015

There is now a GENETIC TEST for Dermatomyositis (FCD/DM (or DMS as it is referred to in the research link)).
See:Index-The Shetland Sheepdog - (dropdown menu) - Health issues.
Posted: 2nd December 2015
History of MWSSC - con't
Our club historian, Margaret Dobson has continued with the history of the club up to the Annual General Meeting, April 2015. Click here.
Posted: 17th June 2015
Contact details for club secretary.
Mrs J Chater,
7, Ratliffe Rd,
Shakespeare Gardens Est'
Warwickshire. CV22 6HB.
01788 522669
Posted: 13th May 2015
Kennel Club - Dogs in cars
The Kennel Club has issued a video entitled "Don't Cook Your Dog". Take a few minutes to watch and be reminded of what can happen to a dog very quickly in a hot car! Click here.
Posted: 28th June 2012
Puppy Register Fees
Placing an advert on the club's Puppy Register will only cost £5 per advert. Click here.
Posted: 16th June 2012
MWSSC Archived Show Results
You can now view or download MWSSC Archived Show Results in pdf format. From the navigation on the left select, ‘Show Results’, ‘Archived Show Results’, and select the results you would like to see. To navigate directly to the Archived Show Results page Click here.
Posted: 31st March 2009