MWSSC Committee Members

Position: Club President
Held By: Mrs M Dobson
Margaret has had an interest in Shelties since 1955, and became interested in club and show administration after becoming a committee member of the Preston & DCS in the early 1960s. Margaret is the founder secretary of the Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club, taking on the role in 1965, with a short break of two years between 1997 and 1999. Margaret has judged the breed since 1970, both in the UK and abroad. After near 50 years as club secretary Margaret relinquished this post in April 2015 but remains as Club President and committee member supporting Margaret & Colin with Rescue.
Position: Club Chairman
Held By: Mr K Mottram
In 1964 I purchased my first Sheltie and have been a member of the Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club since 1985. Together with my wife Jane we attend most championship shows and breed club open shows and have successfully campaigned 8 shelties to championship status. In 1997 I awarded Challenge Certificates in the breed for the first time and in 2016 had the honour of judging Crufts. I have previously served as the Training of Judges Scheme co-ordinator for the club, Vice Chairman 2013 and succeeded Ray Grice as Chairman of the Club in 2014.
Position: Club Secretary
Held By: Mrs J Mottram
Position: Club Vice Chairman & Treasurer
Held By: Mr R P Grice
Ray first took an interest Shetland Sheepdogs in August 1981. Since then Jan & Ray have bred a few litters under the name of Janaray and have been actively involved with Shelties. In 1984 Ray took an active part in the Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club, being elected to the committee and taking on the responsibility of The Training of Judges for the club. Ray has been judging the breed since 1987 to the championship level including overseas appointments and has had the good fortune to have owned and shown a dog to champion status.
Position: Club Show Secretary
Held By: Mrs J Grice
Jan purchased her first Sheltie in 1981 while living in Essex. She and husband Ray, became interested in exhibiting, and bred their first Sheltie litter there. After a house move to Cheshire she joined the Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club in 1984. She soon became active in the club taking the position of Show Secretary for several years, but after another house move to Somerset it became impractical to continue with the position. She enjoyed exhibiting a few Shelties, and was lucky to be able to own one that she campaigned to a Champion. Now living in North Staffordshire she has volunteered to fill the role of Show Secretary once more.
Position: Club Trophy Steward
Held By: Mrs D Jackson
Having been brought up with dogs all of her life, it was not until 1986 that Dilys and her husband got their first Sheltie, and Dilys says that they have been smitten ever since. Dilys has both shown and breed Shetland Sheepdogs, and for the last few years she has also been involved in teaching basic obedience at her local dog training school.
Position: Club Committee Member
Held By: Mrs S Hayhurst
I have been interested in dogs and horses all my life and so went to the Discovery of Dogs at Crufts. The Shetland Sheepdog caught my eye, so I started looking for a nice dog from good winning parents. My first dog grew way too big, so given a 5-month old dog called Joy, I bred Keycharm Blue Suede Shoes and Keycharm Blue Seranade and that is how I started. I still have Keycharm Blue Seranade (Amy) and she has given me a lot of wins and most of all fun. I have met nice people and made a lot of friends and been given some great advice. One day I asked a great friend to breed me a winner and that is what happened. I had the good fortune to own Milesend Sweet Melody At Keycharm (Lucy), who gave me my first ever C.C. The Sheltie is a lovely breed to be in and I have lots of people cheering me on and wishing me well with my girls.
Position: Club Committee Member
Held By: Mrs P Dawson
Position: Club Sheltie Rescue
Held By: Mr & Mrs C Waugh
Colin, together with Margaret, bought their first Sheltie in 1964 as a pet and started showing in the late 1980s, acquiring their affix in 1990 and has judged the breed since 1991 and has two Shelties listed in the Kennel Club Stud Book. Colin and Margaret became Committee Members on the Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club in 1993 and both elected Show Secretary during their time as committee members. Colin and Margaret have now given up their committee positions but continue to work with Margaret Dobson on the club's Sheltie Rescue Scheme.