MWSSC Outstanding Achievements

Lythwood Sky Master

Lythwood Sky Master
"Sky Master gained his four Challenge Certificates at: W.K.C. 1983, judged by Mr. F. Davies; City of Birmingham 1983, judged by Mrs. A. Britten; Border Union 1984, judged by Mr. R. G. Fitzsimons; and Leeds 1984, judged by Mr. H. McGucken. All of his CCs gave us pleasure, probably the one that made him up was special, and as we do not show our champions he was not shown much after that. What gave us the most pleasure was what he left for the breed which is still going on today, mainly through Ch. Tegwel Wild Ways of Sandwick, Ch. Milesend Stormwarden, and Ch. Herds The Helmsman and their progeny, as he is still at present, joint top sire of all time."
Phyllis Rigby
Owner: Phyllis & Derek Rigby
Breeder: Phyllis & Derek Rigby