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Information on how club members can place advertisements on the puppy register is available here.

A template document for a Puppy Sales Contract is available for downloading from our Club Documents page.

Having placed a puppy advert, could you please advise the webmaster when you no longer require the advert to be published on the MWSSC website.

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Dog owners/breeders/purchasers advertise and/or buy & sell dogs or arrange meetings/make contacts (with clients found on this site) at their own risk. The Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information supplied by the advertiser. The buyer is responsible for verifying the authenticity/reputability/history of the advertiser/buyer and their dogs/or status.

The Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club accepts no liability whatsoever for any occurrence arising as a result of advertising/buying dogs and puppies on this web site and are not responsible in any way, for the quality, nature or history of any dogs advertised or purchased.